Tuesday, January 27, 2009


As we all, actors and technicians,director Mathias,producer Tom Ristard were very glad to see the film in which myself and my son also participated.It was a free show for all who contributed by various roles.Exactly 7 pm, filmshow started with a small speech by producer, some actors and director at the Saga Kino in Drammen, which is situated 50 km away from Oslo.

A small norwegian family with father,mother and son was travelling to the airport, met an accident and mother died immediately.Then father became frustrated and alcoholic.He started to neglect his son who was about 10 years old and finally son was taken away by child care service.Father got into various troubles because of his loneliness and frustrations.He have been attacked at the bar severely and admitted to hospital.Finally son also frustrated at the "Child Hostel" and escaped from there to unite with his father. It was a sad story started with some small mistakes by father but created big problem for this lovely family and ruined their life for all.

There is a lesson everyone should learn from this film.It was a good experience to work with norwegian actors,technicians,kjersti/executive officer and director/producer. Thanks to the great opportunity to act in this film!

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