Wednesday, August 6, 2008



I am writing this letter regarding the sales of Norway weapons/Rockets/RPG/MBG to SRILANKA through Chezh Republic worth of 14 million dollars!We saw 2 different news reports which revealed the sales through another country which really destroyed many 1000s of homes,lives,livelihood of poor Tamil farmers, workers,students etc.

Those weapons as well as brutal policy of GOSL on military solution made more than 300000 IDPs living in jungles,streets and camps as well as refugees fleeing to India and EU,AU,NA.

We knew Norwegian weapons were sold through other countries such as USA,NATO etc.
But unfortunately those recent sales to GOSL through Czech republic made many people as IDPs. Everyday many refugees are taking the risk of crossing palk-strait to TN,India as well as other countries!

But Tamil refugees arriving to Norway through various barriers facing rejection immediately.But because of work permit given by your Govt.after rejecting the asylum cases( which is not reasonable) most of them manage to get jobs through friends and became tax-payers of Norway. We hope you will be kind enough to give them residence permit as they lost everything for the Norwegian weapons!

After Tsunami many Tamil people are still waiting for help languishing in the Camps!
We saw news report that many NGOs in Norway still keeping a lot of funds which shd have been used in NESL for Tsunami victims.Please take urgent action to use that help. GOSL used UN-Tsunami fund 1.4 billion of 1.8 billion USD mostly to South SL.

Please take necessary action to find political solution in SL soon with the help of UN/USA/INDIA/EU/JAPAN etc and use those funds to victims of NESL very soon directly.

Urgent peace/SL-multiparty-delegation shd go to Vanni for talk and to implement Indo-lanka pact of 1987 and Banda-Chelva pact of 1956 to do justice to NESL people.

We are very thankful to the Norwegian leaders and Govt. for their great and valuable services and help so far! We hope you will continue your great services to SL.

We observe that there are many discussions/debates regarding refugees settlement in various communes!Most of them refuse to accept refugees!But as you did to those Polish/Eastern european immigrants, you can give refugees from Asia/Africa/LA/ME immediately on arrival temporary residence permit/work permit/language education, most of them shall get job through various canals and become intergrated soon!
Poverty, weapon sales/commissions,corruption,globalisation,racism/discriminations/ favouritisms ,hate,wrong policies of leaders, natural disasters are those reasons for creation of refugees/idps throughout the world!